Terms and Conditions

We welcome you to the CORPORATE BUSINESS WEB Payment channel!

To use our services, it is essential that you know and accept these General Terms and Conditions of Use for Payers (hereinafter "T & Cs") as they govern the relationship that CORPORATE BUSINESS has with you. We recommend that you read them carefully and that you print or keep an electronic copy of them for later reference.

It is essential that as Payer you refrain from accepting these T & Cs if you lack the legal capacity to do so or are a minor. CORPORATE BUSINESS has no way of verifying that your acceptance is binding, so it will presume that it is.

If at the time of payment you accept these T & Cs by clicking on the check-box that states “I accept these T & Cs”. We will assume that you accept and know the content of these T&C, published on the CORPORATE BUSINESS website, in the Legal Section of the URL: https: //www.CORPORATE BUSINESS.com.pa, quotes.CORPORATE BUSINESS.com.pa or in any other URL enabled by CORPORATE BUSINESS for this purpose.

1.1. These T & Cs govern the relationship under which CORPORATE BUSINESS provides this payment channel to its payers.
1.2. A Payer is any natural or legal person, who, like you, accepts these T & Cs for the purpose of making use of this channel to pay their commitments with CORPORATE BUSINESS.
1.3. With the acceptance of these T & Cs CORPORATE BUSINESS enables you to use a technological platform for you to pay for goods or services.
1.4. CORPORATE BUSINESS may suspend or cancel your use of the Payment channel, at any time, if you breach the provisions of these T & Cs or make an illegitimate or inappropriate use of the CORPORATE BUSINESS Payment Platform.
1.5 The Payer accepts that all the information he entered is true, complete and correct. Which makes you responsible to CORPORATE BUSINESS and to third parties for inaccuracies, errors or falsehoods in the exercise of the information you provide.
1.6 The Payer is responsible for maintaining adequate security and control of any of the identifications, passwords, personal identification numbers or any other code conferred by the banking entities for online transactions that you use to make the payment.
1.7 In cases of refund or cancellation, the client must notify in writing within a period of no more than 24 hours after having made the payment.
1.8 The payment conditions imposed by CORPORATE BUSINESS are accepted, as well as the limits and coverage of the service plan.
1.9 The transaction charges will appear on your statement as a DESCRIPTOR.

2.1. From time to time, CORPORATE BUSINESS may modify these T & Cs when it deems it necessary.
2.2. The modifications will not be applied retroactively and will come into effect from their publication on the CORPORATE BUSINESS websites, in the Legal Section of the URL: www.corporateit.biz
2.3. By accepting the T & Cs, you agree to their modifications.
2.4. If you do not agree with the modifications made by CORPORATE BUSINESS to these T & Cs, you must refrain from using the Payment channel.